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Having some fun with Scratch

Enjoying supervising a group of kids at my son’s school with programming. The kids play around with Scratch and MicroBit and I help them when they get stuck and try to get the occasional bit of theory across, you know: … Continue reading

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Fixing the dryer! Adventures of an amateur technician.

A few weeks ago, the motor of my laundry dryer started stuttering, sometimes making a humming noise, sometimes stopping all together. I’ve only had this/a dryer for a couple of years –it was my mother’s before–, so I thought: all … Continue reading

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Creating a web based mapping application with flexx

For my private boat navigation software project, I was looking for an easy way to manipulate a map, in particular openseamap, from both client and server side. The idea being that the server side runs on a Raspberry Pi that … Continue reading

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Walking in the Eifel

Very rainy but ghostly beautiful walk during our week’s stay near Monschau.

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Trip to Scheveningen and some pictures

Made a nice sailing trip to Scheveningen last weekend. Earlier this year, Hiske Kamminga took some nice pictures of Wahine:

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Sparkfun 9DOF on Raspberry Pi 2

A couple of months ago, I finally set out to get the Sparkfun 9DOF stick working (3D acceleration sensor, gyroscope and magnetic flux sensor/compass: 3 x 3 = 9). I got it from my father for my birthday a couple … Continue reading

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Mining FTW

Not actually for the win… there’s not much to be gained. However I find it fascinating that people are actually building dedicated chips (ASICs) to mine crypto currencies (BitCoin etc.). So after mining litecoin on my AMD Radeon HD7950 GPU … Continue reading

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Volvo HQ Alicante

While the Volvo Ocean 65’s were in Scheveningen, we were Spain. A somewhat unfortunate planning and not surprisingly there weren’t too many people around the Volvo Ocean Race HQ in Alicante. Nice to have a look around though 🙂

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The Sweetest Thing

Amazed and bewildered when looking at our little son 🙂

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10K run

Laan van Meerdervoort Loop 2013: Kilometer 5: Dunes Kilometer 8-10: Sandy beach with bft. 7 Otherwise pretty good speed 🙂   After the final 3 km through loose sand with ridiculous head winds, uphill to Kijkduin… and picture time!!!

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