Saildrive with electric motor

Just a few pics of the saildrive and motor.

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2 Responses to Saildrive with electric motor

  1. Sidney Hooghiemster says:

    Hi there,

    Where or how do I buy or compose such a propulsion system, to be used for me 6,70 meter polyvalk?

    Sidney Hooghiemster

    • jaap says:

      Hello Sidney,

      I got the parts from all over. Saildrive and propeller from marktplaats, Electric engine from the manufacturer in the US. Batteries from a battery company here in NL. Motor controller and battery charger directly from the manufacturer in China. I guess this approach is not for everyone. This was all 5 years ago. At the time you could already buy a complete integrated set in NL, but at about triple the cost. It seems to me that it may have gotten cheaper now, since most DC electric parts have, but I haven’t checked. For a polyvalk, I think this is also a bit of a big setup, and I would personally look more along the lines of an electric outboard engine.

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